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Dear Realmers,

After a long and successful run as your leader I have decided to move on and no longer run Barren Realms MUD.

Over the Years I have made many friends here, watched your friendships and relationships grow and bloom, even leading to BR marriages in real life.

You have made my dreams of what BR could be a reality and now its time for me to go. I have lost the interest and passion that kept me here - through no fault of anyone at all.

I am keeping my character and if you wish to contact me the contact information in my profile is accurate and I will keep it up to date.

I have decided to give BR to the most obvious choice - your new Imp - Scavenger. He is as honest, straightforward, dedicated and moral as you will ever find in a person. From now on, all Imp issues should be directed to him.

In his able and capable hands I leave BR, the best MUD there ever was.

With love,

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Post by Scavenger »

This actually came as a huge surprise to me. I am not sure yet how this is going to happen. Kiri and I are just starting to work out the details. But I am not looking to make big changes. In fact, I am going to try and change as little as possible in the beginning. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to drop me a line. I am sure I will be posting more soon (when I am not quite so high on prescription meds).
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