What's changed? (in a positive way)

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What's changed? (in a positive way)

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Hi Kiri,

So, the last time I logged on to BR was probably about 12 years ago, but I've always thought that one day I would rejoin, as I loved it so much.

Happiest memories probably include an 8-hour night session when I was supposed to be revising for my GCSEs (I'm in England), *singing* semi-charmed kind of life by semisonic mid-battle with a user called ductape (I kid you not), and getting to the point where I was casting lost object spells in my head when I lost my keys in the house.

I was eventually banned from playing by my parents whilst my exams were going on (fair dos), and then uni etc took me far away from home and I ended up leaving everything familiar behind.

Long-winded rambling. Simple question. I'm 99% certain that all traces of my characters (Ondine and Salamander were my two favourites I think) will have long gone, and rightly so, but seeing as this is all a bit hazy, if I'm to start from scratch, are there any major changes that I should be aware of (despite the obvious technological ones!)

Thanks, lovely.

Ondine (ha-how I've missed her)
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Post by Everybody »

From a social perspective, the biggest change is that Kiri gave up the administration to Scavenger several years back. He's now handling all the hosting and behind-the-scenes work, but doesn't stop in often. More recently, he granted me full administrative access (yes, code, too), and I've been trying to keep at least some interesting changes coming through the pipeline, from an area, code, or social viewpoint.

Building-wise, we've had a couple of highly detailed, puzzling areas go in (Siberfels and Yamanoha Fortress), plus moved several things around in an effort to have the connections make more sense. Redoing Haon Dor was the biggest part of that so far.

A number of new spells, commands and skills are in for various races. Biggest (well, hardest) was adding in currencies, although those aren't well represented, yet.

A full, although short, list of changes can be found in this post.
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