My character from the 90s...

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My character from the 90s...

Post by Cardigan »

Hi, all! I know Kiri no longer answers questions here, so, to the powers that be:

I have read a bunch of the forum and it seems the consensus is that old characters have been wiped. However, I did see Scav was able to retrieve a password back in the 2000s for a character from the 90s that should have been purged per policy, but luckily wasn't somehow.

I attempted to create a new character under my old character's name: Cardigan. Instead of creating a new character, it is immediately asking me for my password (which, of course, I cannot remember). It makes me wonder and hope that it recognizes my character's name for good reason! Is there any possibility that I have the same good fortune as that other soul who managed to retrieve their character and my account is still somehow in the system and retrievable? Could the Immortals POSSIBLY have blessed me so fully?? ;) I no longer have access to my old email address, nor do I even remember what it used to be. 29 (or so) years is a long time ago. I'll bet my Ogreic's (spelling?) backpack has fallen apart by now and my belongings just strewed to hell and gone, or swiped by a newbie. ;)

Oh! And it's possible Cardigan was last played around 2005-ish.

Thank you so much for your time!
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Re: My character from the 90s...

Post by Scavenger »

If I said that your password kinda reminded me of "Hercules", would that jog your memory at all?
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Re: My character from the 90s...

Post by xorex »

One thing I am a bit confused about...HappyCamper's profile lists Cardigan as an alt and in the ChitChat room of the forum recently the HappyCamper account posted a message. So are both characters yours? (I am a little confused by the separate forum accounts). Can you log into HappyCamper now (or any of the other characters listed in HappyCamper's profile)? That would be strong evidence you controlled Cardigan since none of the accounts has been logged into since 2009 currently, so it's not that the HappyCamper owner recently claimed Cardigan in the profile.

EDIT: Actually, just logging into the HappyCamper forum account is pretty strong evidence you should have access to the HappyCamper and Cardigan characters, to me.
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