October 24, 2005

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October 24, 2005

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Welcome to the Barren Realms MUD Newsletter:

Visit us at telnet://barren.coredcs.com:8000/
or our web site at http://www.barrenrealmsmud.com/

IDEAS: (feel free to respond, as usual!)

Disaster: a suicide command, to speed up death if stunned

AMystery: mobs should collect xp, then if you kill them you get it all. Like
happens with gold. That way if a guard steals your kill and then you kill
the guard, you get his xp plus a fraction of what he got for the stolen kill

AMystery: hero hangman should be changed to allow higher wagers. Does it
really need a limit even?

Everybody: I just thought of a very nasty spec (which would be fun, though):
a necromancer - automatically raises corpses of mobs in the room at 1/2 (or
3/4 or some such) of his level as undead creatures

Desolation: I think the language on public channels shouldnt be so strict,
that sayings like that was bull crap be accepted.

Gruff: maybe change the name of the 'tour bus' to tour carriage or something
more in line with the medieval theme? not a big problem, but some people
were discussing the general medieval theme and it's the only thing which
threw me as a newbie

Desolation: I think, if possible, that sleep causes regen faster.
-- It does, Kiri

AMystery: we could use a help barren, help realms, help br. possibly with
the backstory of the realms

Amenace: give clericus the ability to do the spell "fly" on others

Paranoid: there should be a salute social, so I can salute the imms.

Characters that need to log in:

Aiverson, Allsop, Argo, Ballzee, Belathas, Bluefox, Bycracky, Cabinwench,
Capdragon, Carthis, Ceixari, Cenedra,
Darkraven, Deathfield, Dimitri, Dracnar, Drizzt, Dryder, Duncan, Dyre,
Edrik, Fhamorel, Grifkh, Hiatus, Indy,
Ismael, Issafor, Jaeda, Jesse, Jora, Kancer, Kandoro, Kenmar, Kilanna, Kiro,
Kismet, Kiwi, Knurd, Kurg, Lash,
Lee, Longshot, Luminaire, Maddog, Manitou, Megan, Melf, Mynydogg, Nippers,
Nodgob, Owain, Phill, Raist,
Raserei, Regan, Regis, Rill, Robbinloxley, Roberte, Rubrik, Scar, Sdog,
Sephiroth, Sethos, Sevara, Shara, Snottie,
Soujuri, Spar, Sphinx, Stryder, Syrth, Thavron, Thorkill, Tzedek, Vatican,
Vladicator, Voodoo, Yumi, Zifnab

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