August 02, 2007

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August 02, 2007

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Welcome back to the long awaited (again!) Barren Realms MUD Newsletter!!
Visit us at our new address: telnet://


News from the Realms:

*AHEM* Can I please have everyone’s attention? I have a VERY important announcement to make! After working on this project for seven (yes, that’s right, SEVEN) years, I am pleased and extremely excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of Yamanoha Fortress!! Yes, that’s right folks, it’s finally here. A brand new area boasting over 50% more text than any other area in the entire history of Barren Realms!

“Yamanoha Fortress, designed for levels 25-40, and written by Everybody, is a deep area set in a feudal Japanese archetype, including a well-fleshed, layered back story, a multitude of puzzles ranging from relatively easy to devilish, nearly 500 explorable rooms with plenty of secrets, and a number of well-populated and well-equipped segments for those xp'ing, searching for items to sell, or looking for more challenging fights.

It connects along the southern path, beyond Perelandra, but before reaching the mountains of Olympus. Exploring is highly encouraged should much of the best eq and most interesting rooms be found, but several segments include a number of aggros, some of which see invis, so grouping, especially at the lower end of the level range is suggested.”

Now, for those of you who have characters ranging in the 25-40 levels, you’re set and ready to explore, solve some really awesome puzzles, and kick some major mob butt!!! Those of you who don’t have characters in that level range….get leveling! Especially you heroes out there, this is one area you want to experience with your mortals as the full potential of the area can’t be appreciated with hero characters.

So, without further ado, the grand opening for Yamanoha Fortress will be on Monday, August 6th at 11pm Eastern Standard Time!!! For some special grand opening fun, EB is running a quest for all you explorers and puzzle seekers out there. If you find ALL of the easter egg rooms (five true rooms, with several that look like easter egg rooms but aren’t), you will get a fabulous prize from EB :D (And we all know how fantastic EB’s prizes are *drools*)

Oh, and make sure you thank EB when you see him for the tremendous amount of work he put into this area! Thanks EB!

Happy Hunting!

**************************IMPORTANT INFORMATION************************

The Barren Realms Newsletter needs YOU! We need submissions people! Ideas, responses to previous ideas, nifty links, artwork, stories….anything you can think of would be greatly appreciated. With more submissions to the newsletter I can get more newsletters out on a regular basis, rather than at sporadic intervals.

Thanks a bunch guys!

As always, you can send submissions/comments or ideas to me at:




Everybody: scav
*Hmmm, I like this idea too EB! ;) (Blue)

Vengeance: remort should have a confirm like delete, not just happen after typing it once
*I completely agree with you here (Blue)

Rhyme: a sarcasm channel, like chat, with its own color and font.

SunTzu: Let's have a Barren Realms Prom! Sorry... Kind of tired!

Flounder: you type "aff" it tells you the spells you are affected by

Paranoid: seeing how the mud is in medieval times, wouldn’t it make sense if there were horses available for transportation, of course, i would put them in an area, but i think it would be cool to have them all over.

Paranoia: it would be pretty cool if the character could dream. Like, something strange or a hint to an area or something.

Sting: make reheroes like remorting
*As in a command that can be typed so an avatar can rehero themselves? (I know this is what you mean so that’s how I’m commenting on it) I think that if this could be coded so it works the same way, and can’t be abused, this would be a very good idea. (Blue)

Sting: make it so that it's impossible to proceed in the realms at level 1 until the newbie has enhanced

Oversoul: Interest on bank savings!
*Oooh, and CD’S and IRA’S too!?!? ;) (Blue)

Disaster: demons who tan should make demon_wearable eq in the process

Oversoul: scry should act as a very short timed snoop.

Squiddy: Illithids should get some sort of telekinetic power, such as being able to move items from the next room over with a spell, or maybe even a pccorpse.

Disaster: affect bits for mobs that would make them unsummonable, unteleportable, untrackable (ideally 3 seperate bits), similar to the way players can set nosummon and antisocial.

Morg: be able to set wimpy as a percent rather than just a number

Squiddy: help color should list the colors in the color that the word names... Does that make sense?
*It does make sense, and it’s a good idea because it would give people a better sense of the colors available to them. I LIKE it! :D (Blue)


Bluestar’s Nifty List of URLS:

Kiri’s new hobby. Thanks to her I have some amazing gifts I can buy people!!!

I think this is perhaps one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. ... hilarious/

Fans of the web comic Queen of Wands rejoice! Aeire has a new comic called Punch an’ Pie!

This is a neat concept for those who enjoy reading. Pass along a great book and see who else enjoys it!

A strangely addicting game that AMystery passed along to me. A little out of season, but addicting none-the-less.


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