What? A Quest?! Are you serious?!

This room is filled with cases containing numerous trophies that others have won in quests. Many quests have been run from here so that everyone can easily get here from recall and know where to meet. With any luck, you will get a trophy with your name in one of the cases as well.
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What? A Quest?! Are you serious?!

Post by Bluestar »

Hey everyone, it's been decided, there are enough people to quest! :)
Soooo, without further adieu, there will be a fun little drunken tag quest on Sunday evening at 5pm mud time.
(That'd be 6pm Eastern time folks!)

The only rule you really need to know ahead of time is that you need to participate with a mortal.
Any level under 51 is welcome to participate. :)

I'll see you guys Sunday evening!
p.s. If we get 10 people (or more!) playing, the prize will be fantastic :)
p.s.s. That's opposed to just being really cool ;)
Either way it'll be good fun!
p.s.s.s. This is a precursor of more quests to come, so check in more often folks!

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Post by Sgetsuo »

Hope it went well!
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