Old Prizes

This room is filled with cases containing numerous trophies that others have won in quests. Many quests have been run from here so that everyone can easily get here from recall and know where to meet. With any luck, you will get a trophy with your name in one of the cases as well.
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Old Prizes

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Quests happen, winners are declared, prizes are made, and players are no where to be seen to collect their winnings.

Sound crazy? Yes, but it happens.

I am still holding onto quest prizes for several characters.

Some of those are easy to remember, because I personalized the gear to the character name.

Some may unfortunately be lost to time, but your gain.

I have quest prizes in my inventory for:


I also have 2 prizes for owners unknown. Did you win a quest from me at some point and never get your prize? Come on forward and let me know. The prizes are written to fit your characters,
so it will be easy to tell if they were made for your character or not. If no one claims them, I will hold a new quest and hand them out to the winner(s).

Some of these I've been holding on to for years, so hurry up before I put them on the curb and post to Craigslist.
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Re: Old Prizes

Post by Wolfman »

I also hold unclaimed prizes.

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