New Race : Kappa

Here's a place to talk about each of the races - which is better, what changes you'd like to see, and just general commentary on each.
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New Race : Kappa

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Should this be in the code suggestions? Maybe so, but I will post it here...

When I am exploring an area for the first time, one of the biggests things that will make me turn arround is water. I hate it! What if I should get lost and my scuba run out? In a place that I can't recall from? (IE: Lag) Or what if the scuba shop seem just so far away... There are a lot of places I could explore, but haven't given so much attention to because of this. To make it short, I am proposing a native water race that needs no scuba.

Enter the "Kappa". Kappa is actually a entity from shinto lore. (Cruise on over to google!) Basically, Kappa is a monster/god that looks like a turtle or a fish. It's key feature is that it sustains it's life by a source of water on it's head. What this means for BR is a race of amphibious (gosh I hope that is spelled right!) creatures that are dependant on thirst, but could spend hours and hours underewater.

I imagine that they would play like a combination of an avian and a druid: They physically change with age developing fish like spines on their arms and legs, but use (water based) magic to support themselves and debilitate their targets. (Not all out attack spells like an elf.) Thirst would take away hitpoints at a much higher rate than other races. (maybe 20% per "you are thirsty") Primary would be either INT or DEX? (Traditionally, Kappa like to fight with humans, especially Sumo!) And, did I mention?, no need for scuba.

Just a collection of thoughts I had been playing with. Please comment, suggest, or point and giggle at you discression! ;)
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No more races until we have more players. Right now we're dead.
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Maybe some new stuff would attract more players. I have gone to help more than a few newbies who took a look at our race/class options and promptly left.
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