Old help rumors: for reference (spoiler warning) (ha ha)

Suggestions for additions and modifications to the existing Barren Realms code.
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Old help rumors: for reference (spoiler warning) (ha ha)

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It is said that sleeping near the Instructor can be beneficial, and that
sleeping near the healer Clericus can be even more so.

A toy of the "little ones" somewhere east of City wears an item which
can make you strong, and one of the smurfs wears an item which helps you
when you practice new spells and skills.

Despite warnings from your mother about frittering your time away, you
might find it worth your while to examine items found in the Pool Room.

Retired from his successful pursuit of the Minotaur, a fellow has set up
a shop in town where he will try to discern important properties of items
you've acquired. Of course, he charges for his services.

Your diploma is more than just a keepsake.

<2435/4398hp 407/407m 1362775tnl 2209g 1000>'RUMORS 5'
Congratulations on reaching level 5! As folks get to know you, you hear
some new rumors:

There is a neighborhood on the outskirts of town where bad girls hang
out. Vain as they are, they might carry something useful to you.

The gnome scientists have invented a marvelous basket, which holds many
items and sometimes even magically generates food. And one is a seaman!

A good time, as well as some nifty items, may be found at the Circus. Go
south from City and listen for the noise and merriment.

The Thain rules a small town just west and north of the main city.
Visitors are welcome, as long as they don't cause trouble.

<2435/4398hp 407/407m 1362775tnl 2209g 1000>'RUMORS 10'

As you widen your travels throughout the Barren Realms, you hear even
more rumors.

Folks near and far speak of a friendly young man who sells several items
useful for carrying and organizing your possessions. To find him, seek
your "solace" south of the main city, further even than the Circus.
Stop and visit the druids along your way.

Sleeping near Clericus may not be as helpful as it was when you were
small. However, he is still willing to offer his healing services
for a price.

Many potions with magical properties can be found throughout the Realms.
A useful one may be found on many-legged creatures that reside near a
colossal tree in the forest west of the main city.

The Constable of the main city is really an immortal in disguise.

There is no minimum drinking age within the Realms, so drink up.
Adventurers who rely on mana may find the drunken state beneficial,
despite slurred speech and stumbling.

<2435/4398hp 407/407m 1362775tnl 2209g 1000>'RUMORS 15'
Congratulations on level 15! :)
After passing lowbie-hood, you hear even more rumors.

After visiting "Solace," you will find interesting game to kill there,
such as their law enforcement officials. Beware, however, these men will
not even think for a second before helping the innocent.

South of the village of the Gnomes is a small town, complete with
strange and intriguing people. In the home of one of the citizens of
this town is a small pill bottle, yielding helpful pills now and then.

Exploring far east and north of Calathar to the sea may be helpful, but
dangerous. You will find a shipwrecked sailor and his crew on an island

It is said that a great tower lies to the west of Calathar, to reach it
you must swim a river. A statue guards the entrance to this tower, and
it is believed that this statue possesses something of great power.

You ran across a dwarven miner in Calathar, he told you he was on his
way to the mining center east of Calathar. He mentioned something about
some giants in the area, then went off dreaming about his profitable

<2435/4398hp 407/407m 1362775tnl 2209g 1000>'RUMORS 20'
Congratulations on level 20! Really moving out now. :)

A young astrologer told you once, "Look to the stars my friend, for
there you will find true power." You wonder what he meant by that.

An old man wanders by you grumbling, you strain to make out what
he is saying. He notices your interest and remarks, what are ye lookin
at youngster? Ya know in my day we took the time to explore, ye might
wanna consider it yerself ya know, Time waits fer nobody. With that
he walks away mumbling again, something about the old Clock Tower

There is a marsh far west and south of Calathar that has dangerous
creatures, however, these creatures carry potions that can help you

A large grocery store is said to be located somewhere in Solace, and
Elric has been spotted wandering around in it, looking for something to

Beneath the dwarven mines are the dwarven catacombs; creatures there
have potions which will allow you to pass through doors.

<2435/4398hp 407/407m 1362775tnl 2209g 1000>'RUMORS 25'
King Pellinore has been searching for the "Questing Beast" for two
decades now, he was last sighted to the west of Calathar. You think you
will do the King and possibly yourself a favor if you put him out of his
misery as quickly as possible.

You've heard this king has a container that will hold many items.

A hardy adventurer comes back with tales of a powerful sword located in
a town that can be reached by going through the Holy Grove. The sword is
not easy to get to and you could easily lose your life in an attempt to
secure this fabled piece of steel. However, the sword is a great weapon
sure to add fame to your growing resume.

Whispered tales of a powerful helm have been heard in the pubs of
Calathar. A lupine knight is spoken of as the wearer of this magnificent
armor. The area this knight roams in is said to be in the furthest
reaches of Barren Realms.

A citizen bearing numerous cuts and bruises has been raving in the square
of Calathar about an ogre town that he stumbled upon when he lost his way
due to heavy fog during a trip to Malathar. The citizen says that the
chieftain wore gauntlets that gave him the strength of ten men, and,
with this strength, the citizen claims, the chieftain physically picked
him up and tossed him back to Calathar.

<2435/4398hp 407/407m 1362775tnl 2209g 1000>'RUMORS 30'
You are really starting to make a name for yourself here in the realms.
While gathering information you learned the following:

An old traveler in an inn told you of a flail of great power. When you
asked him where you could find such a weapon, he laughed at you.
However, he mumbled something about your death and fighting a great
lich as he hobbled out the door.

A geeky teenager handed you an advertisement, it read: come one come
all, see the showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. You gathered
from the ad that the location of the theater was somewhere around

A love struck female came up to you and said, "Oh that Lamorak...what a
charming knight, and what SEXY spurs he wears, too!" and then promptly
proceeded to faint.


You heard that some witches and warlocks have been up to no good, maybe
you could go remedy that situation. You believe that they operate in a
place called Coven which is south east of Calathar in the depths of the
Dwarven Forest.

A strange fellow, covered in sweets and candies has come into town
bringing news of fierce lollipops and ice cream cones, and believe it or
not, root beer floats. In his sugar high he rambles on concerning the
location...somewhere over a rainbow??? You can be sure these places this
strange confection covered maniac is talking about are located in
Candyland...but WHERE?

An Arabian man came to town telling of the appearance of a new area
filled with characters from 1001 Arabian Nights. Not much is known of
this area yet, but preliminary expeditions have uncovered some good
equipment...maybe you can add to the body of knowledge? The location is
believed to be somewhere in the desert.

A ragged elven traveler has begun to spread news of a dark tower located
somewhere in the southwestern part of Barren Realms. There are guards
there with equipment you would find very beneficial. But be wary, in
order to get to the tower you must cross through a forest infested with
thieves and brutes who want to damage your skin.

Congratulations on reaching level 40! :)

Underneath the Holy Grove lays a large lake named Crystalmir. On the
north-west shores of this lake is a beautiful temple. Monks and guards
dwell here, as well as the chief. This place is known to have riches and
good prey for a person of your level to kill. Beneath the temple is a
secluded series of chambers. These chambers are home to masters of
fighting techniques, who are always ready to teach you...if you want to
learn or not!

Far east of Calathar is a northern path leading to the sea. Many
swashbucklers and scruffy pirates roam the western sea, and any traveler
is warned to be on his guard!

<2450/4398hp 407/407m 1362775tnl 2209g 1000>'RUMORS 45'
Congratulations on reaching level 45! Almost there. :)
The following are some helpful rumors that may help you trudge through.

As you progress, prey becomes more and more scarce.

Rumor has it that a large swamp, made completely of sweet molasses, lays
in the far western reaches of Candyland, much North of Calathar. The

inhabitants of this swamp are said to be very aggressive.

Also, there is a large tower built at the edge of Candyland, containing
mean counterparts of the smaller rulers that are known in Candyland.
These look-alikes all serve one majestic king, who sits atop the tower.

Large walls composed of living flesh lurk in the darkest depths of hell,
some carrying magical swords of god-like power. These walls are not a
force to be trifled with, though, and only the largest bands of people
stand a chance of survival.

An assembly of gnomish warriors found an opening to an underwater cave
below their castle. They suited up in scuba gear and explored this cave,
only to see most of their army slaughtered by water-breathing creatures.
The last survivor of the group returned with news of a powerful queen
who is deadly and will kill with no mercy. She fights her battles with a
powerful sword that decimates foes with ease.

It is said Oakley and Kiri spend their vacations in a summer house in a
swamp full of fiery creatures. These creatures have breath that may
destroy all of your possessions. The trees are remarked to be "quite
nice," but watch out for those rodents! Seems to be an infestation. :)


The queen of the liches has an item that will help you
throughout your travels. Perhaps you won't have to heal as much?

Freeport seems like a nice town. Of course, every nice town has
its dark side, and Freeport is no exception. You'll be surprised at who
is down in that secret passage.....(ACK!!! I mentioned the secret

Talk among the merchants of Calathar will always turn to the bad deals
that they received from the traders of the Pirate Seas. They say the
chief cause of their misfortunes is a powerful pirate hidden somewhere in
the heart of seas from which place he runs an entire network of
corruption. Of particular interest to your ears is a supernatural cape
he is said to wear.

Deep inside of Ultima, Lord British sits upon his throne inside
of his castle. Maybe if you are up to the challenge of finding him you
can challenge and defeat him.

There is a special 'HELP RUMORS 51' once you become a hero, so
don't forget to read that one.
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