Trip as an opening move?

Suggestions for additions and modifications to the existing Barren Realms code.
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Trip as an opening move?

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One thing that really annoys me is being disarmed by mobs, so my standard opening move is a 'kill mob' quickly followed by a 'trip'. though i think that you should be able to use trip to start a fight. what better way to start out then knocking your oponent off their feet.
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it's hard to really trip someone as an opening move. tripping someone usually involves some sort of feint, possibly a pushing or pulling action to first send them off balance, etc.. If you think of each round as an entire series of moves, with only the successful full attacks being reported, it doesn't make a lot of sense that you would be able to trip someone in the same way you can bs them, or cast a spell at them.

as for game play, tripping on the first round would be unreasonably effective especially against armed mobs. there's a certain lag associated with starting a fight, it serves to balance out the natural advantage gained by starting a fight. you attack first, therefore your opporent gets the first opportunity to respond with a disarm. if your opponent attacks first, you get the first opportunity to disarm/trip/etc..
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If you are walking by and I trip you, there isn't any real distraction involved except that you weren't looking for someone to trp you. Then if I pounce on you and repeatedly stab you, you know it was intentional and you should probably fight back.

It does seem logical that it could be an opening move, but most aggressive things should be. Maybe it could have an xp penalty for "dirty tricks" but then should dirtkick and backstab. The more moral your fights, the harder but also more rewarding?
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ack, please find more important things to argue about
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Post by Stars »

AMystery wrote:The more moral your fights, the harder but also more rewarding?
This would only make sense if your alignment was very high. Conversely, if your alignment were very low, then your actions should be as amoral as possible in order to acheive greater experience points.
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