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Post by Anakin »

Just to butt in an idea, I don't even know if this sounds nice but whatever: If we can implement a "trade" kind of thing between continents (especially some rare items from another continent)--Hey we can probably find a good businessman in us! *g*
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Post by Slart »

History has shown us that any attempt to impose a system of trade on the mud will be subverted by the rather incredible amount of charity that goes on here. See also the timely (no "un" there) demise of the auction channel.

This is a good thing! The money supply of the Realms is ever-expanding. The logical result of this is runaway inflation. Imagine what people would pay for enhances if, instead of our current system, we auctioned off one a month to the highest bidder. I'm guessing we'd have to change to a 64 bit container for player gold. Fortunately, most things are given away or sold to shopkeepers rather than sold to other players, and there is no true scarcity in the game (obsolete but still extant versions of certain items notwithstanding).

I've always said I'd rather have a friendly mud than one with a realistic economy.
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Post by DevilsAngel »

Yes now that would be a good realistic reason. I was invisioning like 10 rooms strait east...*shrugs* and just couldn't see a logical reason why one couldn't. However let me say, I wasn't meaning that I wanted to be able to *grins* I think it should be difficult to get to as well, and if there is a ferry or ship, make it times every so often, such as the bus maybe.
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Post by Everybody »

Although, to point out a perhaps overlooked good side of anakin's suggestion, having shopkeepers on the main continent pay more for goods from overseas (and vice versa) wouldn't adversely hurt the play experience... would still, of course, expand the ways of getting money quickly/easily, but that can be balanced to some extent.
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Post by Gandhi »

As long as it doesn't involve raising enhancements any more... GOD PLEASE NO!!! I'm already owe the mobsters 2 million, any more and i will have to learn how to dial phone number with my toes!!!
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My turn

Post by AMystery »

I think the continent should require a special method to access, since slart is against word of recall, a more realistic method would be a boat. Whether the boat actually moves like Jenny or transports like some other things, I do think it should be almost impossible to walk there. Lets not make ti completely impossible as i could have fun offering a prize to the first person to talk to the other continent:)

Changing the death dropoff would be excellent! That way you have to walk everywhere on the new continent and carry or find everything you need there and if you recall you go back to the safe areas, if you die, you remain there to try again. I really like that idea.

I'm not too thrilled with the concept of having no teleport/astral on the continent. It would be nice if we couldn't teleport between them but could still use the spells on the island. An invisible anti-magic wall between them. A framework for that would also be useful right now for keeping people out of hero areas but still letting heroes move around, for example.

As for restructuring the current areas. I do see that as desirable, but I am not thrilled by the idea of doing a massive move all at once. Gradually over time would be much better. Creating a topographic map for future reference would also help, both in letting people get ideas for where to connect new areas and helping people find things. If you are looking for the mountains of mist, then according to the map, mountains are generally northeast.
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Post by disaster »

hehehe that's great gandhi. in fact, that made me laugh hard enough that i'll chip in with a mil for ya, next time you see me online. *smile*
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