The Merciless Of the Merciless by Hobit (Quest Entry)

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The Merciless Of the Merciless by Hobit (Quest Entry)

Post by Bluestar »

Ok, here we are... At the temple of Calathar.

Hmmm... Maybe I should try getting one of those nice ciquala's staffs?
I've herd they're are possible to get at level 48 to use. That's nice, since
I'm a level 48 character.

Let's see now, where could that stupid Aod be? Hmmm... There he is! How
much is a map to ciquala's lair?

That wasn't too hard to get.
Thumbs up! Ready or not, this is it!

The gate guards of Calathar are as nice as they allways are. Luckily they
don't know how evil I am. If they did, I would have to kill them each time I
passed by. Now I don't want to do that, because I'm actually a nice dwarf!
Either way, they're nice and I like walking by them, knowing that I could
smack them down in a just few blows.
-But hey! That really wasn't what I was here for...
Ahh! There it is! The sign towards the Gnome Village. Word has it that
those hideous beasts that live there actually think they could look good. I

really don't know where they could have gotten that idea. In my opinion they
couldn't compete in a beauty contest even if they were hosting it them
selves FOR them selves. From the map I'm supposed to look for a fortress.
That could proove to be a challenge - or not, there it is!
Eww! Those rats running around in the fortress are huge! They should get a
cat here. Only problem is, the rats would eat the cat in a single bite.
They're just that big! Well. Atleast there was one normal sized rat around.
Probably won't take long before it's as big as the others though. Yuck!
Hehehe. I like the sign here. A large arrow with a bunch of warning and high
level bla bla bla. I wonder how many mortals have been mercilessly
slaughtered down there...
Hmm.. A door to the west, and a guard without a key. What kind of a guard
doesn't have a key to the door he is guarding?! Oh, the door was unlocked,
how nice!
DOH! Stupid underwater room. I hate those! Well... I finally get to use that
scuba tank, with it's totally not worth carrying 50 weight points, that I've
been carrying around for no apparent reason.
More aggressive guards in there. I'm really beginning to NOT like this
Pherhaps invis will do the trick?
The anti-cyclops elixir seems to have done what it was supposed to. I
haven't got attacked yet anyway.. The creatures down here are REALLY ugly.
Feel like puking every time I look at them.. Hmmm, what's this place here?
Wow! An iron maiden! Haven't seen one of those in a while. This one looks
like it's still in use too! And woah, that torturer looks really nasty. I'll
just leave this room as soon as possible.
Ciquala's undead pet dragon - that's a long name by the way! - feeding
itself on a corpse. It smells rather fresh too. Probably given to her by
Ciquala. Maybe one of those mortals that has been mercilessly slaughtered
down here. Lets go see for our selves.
DOH! My invisibility just ran out as I walked in to Ciquala and I haven't
quaffed any nectar! And she's one mean bugger, I'll tell you that!
Tripped me right away, disarmed me just after that! Taking too much damage!
She is kicking my *~>!! I won't be the winner in this fight!
She tripped me again! I can't flee! No! I'm dying! HEEEEEEEEELP!!

BATTLE UPDATE: Killed by the Lich Ciquala.

That's what you get.. Can't be too cocky around this place!
Hey, what's that?! Disconnected all of a sudden..?
There, back on again!

-Bluestar chats 'crash'.


~Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.~

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-
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