The Spell Caster by Erin (Quest Entry)

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The Spell Caster by Erin (Quest Entry)

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The Spell caster

The firstborn to the house of Coltari, born of Cylis and Weyren, the tribes
high elf, was sadly a female, not just a normal female but a accident prone
female of all things!. Born with the gift of spell casting, it was noticed
very early on that this child was going to be a problematic elf. At the age
of two, she started to sneeze causing all sorts of problems. Three times
within her second year the entire house vanished. Her most outstanding
accident was at the tender age of eighteen months when she had her first
major sneezing fit. Twenty seven golden dragons appeared from thin air, and
very kindly put on a fire show for the young elf. Who happily giggled all
the way through especially when the patrol guards beard got slightly singed.

By the grand age of ten, when the sun was shining the tribe worried and
avoided this young elf as much as possible, seems she has a very strange
affliction, hay fever. Weyren tried every spell he could find to try and
heal her of this affliction but to no avail. Spending her days shut deep in
the underground library, her knowledge and spell casting abilities grew by
leaps and bounds. As the sun went down and the day became cooler the young
elf would emerge from the library to swim in the sparkling lake or to sit
with her close friends singing the old songs. As the years passed she grew
into a beautiful young elf, even more alluring because she had spent a long
time hiding from the sun, causing her skin to be very pale, teaming that
with her huge emerald green eyes, it was quite astonishing.

As her seventeenth birthday dawned she surprised the tribal elders by asking
permission to join the tribal guardians. Many believed the young elf would
choose one of the fine young elves and settle down, after all such a
beguiling beauty attracted the most brave of the young warriors. As a spell
caster she had always excelled but due to her affliction it was thought
she'd not take well to a role in the guardians. After many hours of
deliberation it was decided that this young elves request would be granted.
Some say it was not only because she was an excellent spell caster, but such
a stubborn little elf, the elders didn't want to risk the hassle.

The young elf was accepted into the guardians, and began to excel. Her
training with the guardians was classed as odd to say the least, sleeping
during the day, training under the watchful eye of Krista during the
darkness of night. A willing pupil in the arts of swordplay, but due to
her size, quite clumsy with the broadsword. It was decided she would stay
with a dagger, much safer all round. Two small problems still remained, the
elf was small, even by elf standard and slender causing the uniform of the
guardians to all but hide her from view. Yet again it was decided that she
would be excused from the full uniform but would wear an acceptable
adaptation of it. The second problem which could not be fixed easily, was
the hay fever. Great during battles as was found during the battle of
Tadom, when the entire enemy suddenly turned into chickens with one sneeze!!

Sadly the sneezing could not be controlled and from time to time even to
this day, strange things happen when the sun is shining.
~Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.~

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-
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