The War of Thilla by Exo (Quest Entry)

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The War of Thilla by Exo (Quest Entry)

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The War of the Thilla

When this realm was still young, there existed a being who was alone. This being was the Karramania. It was the first. Karramania was created within the nothing, and also by the nothing. Karramania is everything and is nothing. It became lonely and so created a race of beings close to the likeness in mind of Karramania. It named them the Thilla. They held within them the power of all good, but they became restless and asked for new places to see. So Karramania create the planes. And so the Thilla left Karramania and it once again became lonely. Karramania created for itself a companion. It was the Nameless One. At this time, Karramania created for itself a body with which to experince the realms. The Nameless One was second in beauty only to Karraman himself.

After times upon times, the Thilla became wise and very powerful. They created for themselves companion also. The Nameless One became restless and began to wish for more power. He sought war with Karraman and was exiled from the white planes, the home of Karraman. Thus the Nameless One was ever called The Black Angel. The Black Angel corrupted many of the Thilla and they became the Dranii. The Thilla that stayed faithful to Karraman though had many children. Those children became the daemon race, or the elder race. The Thilla of good had created the elves to learn the ways of good, and so the elves and daemons befriended each other, for they had common ancestry.

Once The Black Angel corrupted his Dranii, the war of the Thilla had begun. When the Dranii first met the daemons and elves there was a great battle in the plane we now call Purgatory. On that day the daemons and elves had victory over the legions of The Black Angel. The victory, however, was one that was bittersweet. For in that day, the planes were seperated and broken from each other. Purgatory was laid barren and waste for the first time. Only a handful of Thilla lived and so began the reign of The Black Angel and the Dranii in the lower planes of the Nether Realm. In the higher planes of the Ether Realm the elves, daemons and few remaining Thilla began to build a great empire.

After many ages the Thilla were again strong enough to create more beings. The angels had been born. A Thilla named Fodellia formed and shaped them and brought them to life. Yet another Thilla at about the same time created the demons. Demons were a strong race of huge warriors created for the sole purpose to fight the war against the Dranii. The Black Angel had been busy creating his own legion of fighters. He created the vampires, imps, dragons, and humans. All of these races were stronger and more elite then the newborn races of the Thilla.

Slowly both sides began to enforce thier planes and after ages upon ages another great battle was fought in the plane of Corporia, or the Corporeal Realm as it is called today. In that place, the angels, daemons, elves, demons and the newly born Aberdwan, or Aberdath, engaged the imps, dragons, vampires, Dranii and human races. When the armies marched forth against each other, and the humans and elves looked upon each other, there fell such a cry of despair, that non like have ever been heard since. The humans found the elves so beautiful and the elves likewise that the entire army of humans betrayed The Black Angel in his full might and come to the aid of the elves. There, on that day, fell more beings than have fallen in all wars together. The Black Angel was victorious and many of the remaining Thilla were struck down.

The descendants of the Thilla, the daemons, did not forget thier loss that day. After the retreat of the Ether races, The Black Angel ensued the fleeing armies and laid waste the beautiful realm of Corporia. For many days the chance led, until at last, the Thilla could flee no more. They turned and faced thier tormenters and yet another great battle was fought. For many days the two huge armies fought until at last, the greatest Thilla of all, Dalkerrick, who is now named Extreemist, slew The Black Angel. When the Black Angel fell, there also fell a great darkness upon the battlefield and Extreemist was stricken with a terrible illness. In that hour, all of the legions of the now dead betrayer fled with fear, for thier doom was upon them. All were slain. The War of the Thilla had ended.

After the last of the Nether races were destroyed or driven off, the Thilla took the body of The Black Angel and cast it into The Sea of Blood which now lies in the plane or Elvenar, home of the elves. Much time after the war, the twelve remaining Thilla made prosperous thier creations. Three battles were fought after The Black Angel was slain. When the third had been fought, the Nether Races were scattered and weak, and so retreated back to thier own planes. In time, the Dranii were betrayed by the vampires, for without the leadership of The Black Angel, all of his armies turned upon each other. The Dranii were swept away and turned into a nomadic peoples. The human, elves, and daemons worked together to form a lasting friendship that has endured tp this day.

The Thilla, who were only twelve now, took upon them all one plane to rule. Each Thilla asked of all the races tp come and abide with them. Fodellia took the highest plane, which is called Leuven. With him came to abide the greatest and most powerful of the angels, the archangels. Angeli too the plane now called Angelia, and with him lived the angels. Kailli claimed the third plane, which is named Elishia. Nethetar was Taken by Nethatur. Amonlund, the wisest Thilla, took the fifth and named it Elvenar, where the elves live. Telleria ruled over Corporia and with him came the humans, for they wished to be close to the elven race. Sinneria and Extreemist shared the battle planes, Purgatory. No races abide in this desolate place. In Astralia, or the Astral Plane, abides the daemons, demons and gargoyles. Then, the Thilla now named Dranol turned to evil and claimed Dranii, the red plane for himself. The Dranii and vampires came to abide here. Argra was placed by the more powerful Thilla in Parkos. His double, Shargra, was given the task of ruling Tartarus and the dragons who now lived there. Shertan the punisher was put in the plane of Hell to tortue the imps, who were the most cruel of all the Nether races.

Of all the races to fight in the Thilla War, only one vanished from all knowledge, as did the Thilla who created them. Sliwaton and his race of Aberdath were never heard from in the realm again, or at least not for a very long age, but that is another story for another time. One question remained also on all of the remaining Thilla's minds. What had happened to the spirit of The Black Angel. Some believed that it was dispersed and put into all living things, for in everything know and even unknown, good cannot exist without evil.

The End

~Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.~

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-
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