Erin--Entry for DA's immortal story quest

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Erin--Entry for DA's immortal story quest

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My name is Erin and I am here to tell you a story. The story of my sister,
Our village has stood deep in the heart of the Valley of the Elves for more
than a hundred generations, sadly for some strange reason it was very rare
that a second child was born to a family, why I just don't know. So when my
parents announced that a second child was to be born, it attracted the
interest of the whole village. I myself was in total awe of this happening
to my little family. I'd hear faint mutterings at night, as some of the
villagers tried to guess how my parents had managed it. Until this day I
don't know, what I do know is that no one could have foretold what would
As winter moved into spring, my mother's stomach began to swell with the
life growing within. Just after the final snows began to melt, my mother
went to collect some water from the stream. I still don't know why she
didn't wait for my father to fetch it, I was still too young to carry it
that distance. A small fawn was drinking from the stream as we approached,
my mother warned me not to scare such a beautiful creature as the rocks
could be slippery and she didn't want it to get hurt. As we started to
collect the water, something strange happened. A loud noise came from behind
the young fawn, causing the fawn to panic and slip. One of its hoofs must
have got stuck between some rocks as I could see it struggling in vain to
free itself. My mother told me to stay still as she was going to try and
help the fawn free it's self. The closer she got to the fawn the more the
fawn panicked until my mother started to sing a song. I don't know if the
song contained a spell but I do know I started to feel very sleepy and my
eyes began to close.
I remember waking up hearing a voice I'd never head before it was such a
sweet calming voice. My mother as sitting, talking to what I can only
describe as the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Gathering me into her
arms my mother said "Don't worry Erin, all is well" and for some reason I
knew she was right. Nothing of note happened after that day until the summer
solstice. A huge party had been arranged to celebrate but my mother seemed
tired and restless. My sibling had finally decided to make an entrance at
A solitary cry was heard followed by the crying of a newborn baby. Wrapped
in a silken clothe, the new baby was handed to our mother. "A fine girl you
have there" stated the midwife as she carried on with her business. Looking
down on the newborn, it was plain to see she would be a very beautiful
child. Rosy cheeks, golden curls and the most glorious eyes that held a
definite glint of things in store.
As was the custom of the elves the baby would not be named until a name
presented itself, this didn't take that long in the case of this baby. The
face of an Angel but the cheek of the Devil made quite an impression, even
at such an early age, she managed to wrap even the grumpiest of elves around
her little finger with just a smile. At her naming ceremony she was given
the name Devilsangel but to those who would grow to love her nickname "Devi"
would be used. As the seasons passed she grew into a beautiful young elf,
showing she was more of an angel than a devil. Always doing her best in her
studies, the truest of friends and the most loving daughter and sister an
elf could ever hope for. Her love of all things natural came at a very early
age, flowers that seemed all but dead began to blossom and grow in her care.
Apart from what I have already told you before nothing really happened until
Devilsangel was fourteen. Animals seemed to be draw to her as was all things
natural. One morning while we were studying in the glade I saw the strangest
thing. Standing quietly watching my sister, were two of the most amazing
creatures I had ever seen. I admit I hadn't really seen much as I had never
really left our valley. At first glance I'd have said they were horses but I
was wrong. A small horn emerged from the foreheads of each of these
creatures, pure white in color and maybe I am wrong but to this day I still
swear they had a kind of glow about them. My sister seemed unaware of them
and carried on her reading, but I could do nothing but stare at these
creatures. "Stop staring Erin, and close your mouth, it's very unladylike"
said Devi. "So you can see them?" I responded. "Of course I can, I am not
blind" she stated quietly with a smile. Looking back to where they stood,
they had gone as quietly as they had arrived. The years passed and from time
to time, from the corner of my eye I'd see strange animals watching my
sister, but not once do I recall any of them ever approaching her, as many
others often did.
As with all young elf's, we were given the choice to make as we approached
our adulthood. We could stay in the village or take the sacred path. I
always knew wed choose the path and we took our first steps out together.
Training under the great spell casters of Malathar, we soon found our own
personal paths which did entwine from time to time but our destinies sadly
lay along different paths. Devi was always the more serious of us, standing
out far more than I in our studies.
For many years Devi continued her studies but I lacked the staying power to
stay any longer. I ventured out into the world and began my own adventures,
but news of my sister always reached my ears. What information I now give is
gleamed from my sister's letters and information gained from our friends who
continued to study.
During the month of fire in the year of disharmony the real story of
DevilsAngel begins. The horn of attendance was blow, calling all those who
understood its meaning to the great hall, for this horn to have been blown
meant something was truly amiss. Only twice in all history had the horn been
used before that fateful day. Elf's began teleporting in from all over the
know realms, as my own teleportation spell tended to backfire a bit to often
I decided the safer thing to do was travel by normal means. As the hall
began to fill to almost bursting point not a sound could be heard except for
the far off whizzing of the incoming teleports, no one would ever dare
teleport directly into the great hall. If they did dare it would do no good
as the hall itself was magically protected, not even a simple spell would
work inside the room, until the portal had been entered.
For two days and nights it continued in this way, but no one made a single
sound but waited patiently, for what was to come. The final call came as the
sun began its assent across the sky. A huge portal opened in the centre of
the room, as was the ritual each person would one by one pass trough it, as
they emerged from the other side they were adorned with there true alignment
robes of white (good), red (evil) and grey (Neutral). The spell casters of
good numbered four thousand, an equal amount of evil were also assembled in
the great hall. What was surprising is the lack of neutral robes in
attendance, numbering under seven hundred, which to anyone involved would
know that in all things it must be equal. Until that day it was not truly
known to which alignment DevilsAngel would take. After emerging from the
portal all was made clear, Devilsangel was neutral, dressed in the grey
color of neutrality. Only one person did not wear the robes of alignment,
Siminor. Siminor was the eldest and wisest and as such was above such things
as alignment, he stood in the gold robes of order.
Stood alone upon a raised platform, Siminor called for order as all eyes
rested upon him. Welcome brethren, I bring bad news, you see before you that
the balance has been tampered with. Someone has tried to tip the true
balance of magic. Look around you, one among you has been murdering those
who wear the robes of grey!
Jimilar had quietly been ordering the murders of those who stood between him
and true command of all magic, good and evil. Never could a man as such as
he, ever be satisfied with less than everything
"Shut up you foolish old man! you must see that evil will always win and you
cant stop us" shouted Jimilar, the head of the red robes as he stepped
Suddenly the air began to fizz with the incantation of magic; a very
powerful spell was being cast, too late for those of the white robes to
react as a huge ball of black fire hit them. Sending hundreds to an early
death. Siminor began reciting some kind of spell, but to no avail as a
magical arrow screeched towards his heart, he fell to the floor. Emerging
from her shocked state Devilsangel could not bear to watch her brethren
falling, but each time she tried to cast a spell others of the grey robe
halted her. It is not our place to take a side in this came like a whisper
inside her mind. The purest of rage began to grow inside of her as she
watched the pointless deaths of hundreds of people of both robes.

As more blood flowed, Devilsangel could not, would not stand by and watch
any more senseless death. From somewhere deep inside of her a power that
must have lain dormant emerged. Her robes of grey fell to the floor as she
began to chant. The spell casters began to loose their balance as the floor
beneath them began to shake. All eyes turned to seek who were casting such
a spell, which to be honest weren't hard to work out. Some how Devilsangel
was floating thirty feet above the floor!!

"I said stop it!" thundered Devilsangel, as the floor shuck with each word
said. "Why do you do this, this senseless killing? You each have a role to
play in the world but you stand here killing each other". As she viewed the carnage below, she began to recite a spell long forgotten to the worlds.
Incased in a glowing orb the spell did not affect Devilsangel, but those
about her began to slowly move backwards, she was turning back time!! The dead and dying began to heal and once more stand. When all but one stood again the spell ended. Siminor did not stand again; his death could not be undone by any. As quietly as they arrived the robes began to slowly step back through the portal and leave the great hall.

As the last person stepped back through the portal Devilsangel slowly
descended to the floor again. Dropping to the floor in sheer exhaustion, she did not see the entrance of a tall woman dressed in robes of pure flame. "Devilsangel, stand up and face me, do you realize the trouble your spell
has caused me?" said the lady. Looking up at the lady, devilsangel gasped and dropped to the floor, before her stood the Empress Kiri. "My Empress, I could not stand by and see such a waste of life" she whispered. "You are no longer neutral nor are you good or evil; I am almost at a loss as to what to do with you" after what seemed like hours but was but a mere moment in time the empress spoke. "Your heart is pure my child but I feel that you hold both powers of good and evil, I cant allow such powers to be held by a mere mortal" With that Kiri began to chant, a glow began to surround Devilsangel as she began to change. Small horns began to emerge from her head, at the same time a huge set of wings began to emerge from her back. Looking at Devilsangel, Kiri seemed to pause in thought, "ahh that's it!" and with a
click of her finger a halo settled upon devilsangel horns. "That's perfect"
Kiri exclaimed. "Come with me child your path lays before you for eternity as a guardian of the realms, join me in Valence as a immortal"

I still see Devi sitting with the animals, and yes the horns were strange at
first but it hasn't changed her, she's still my baby sister.

The End
Story by Erin
*bounces around* Dev
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