Anavrinman--entry for DA's immortal story quest

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Anavrinman--entry for DA's immortal story quest

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The Creation of DevilsAngel
By Anavrinman

Bolts of raw energy ripping through the very fabric
of reality make their way to the intended source.
Hatred and pain, the forces driving this terrible
energy threatening to consume all being. Flashes of
light and the smell of burnt air, followed by a sound
loud enough to shake the heavens, and suddenly the
beams disappeared as if they had never existed. A
silence eerie enough to send a chill through the
spine. Mota and Sepithal. The two greatest forces ever
known, locked in a battle to make mortals tremble.
Ever since the dawn of existence, no greater conflict
has been known than that of good and evil. Love and
hate. Order and chaos. The most eminent illustration
of this is that of the goddess Mota and the God
Mota, known for her benevolence and second chances,
defends the order that she so lovingly and laborious
restored to the universe, from the forces of chaos and
The energy of Sepithal has been known to destroy
entire spheres of existence. His hatred fanning the
flames of injustice. He had not always been known for
his anger. There was a time when he was considered a
just god, and loved by many, but after a while, greed
delicately crept into him, slowly gnawing at his
affectionate disposition and shaping him into a beast
of godly proportions, and eventually making him sick
with power. Never would his power be enough. Never.
Too soon did he see the opportunity to take ultimate
power for himself and make even the gods to bow to his
feet. From the chaos and dissention, he would be able
to carve out his own empire and wage a war that could
scar reality for countless eternities to come. Mota,
seeing this, brought forth order, and became the only
force capable of stopping Sepithal.
Sepithal, angered by this tried for many eternities to
dethrone Mota, and strip her of her powers, but was
always defeated. Defeated, but not destroyed, for gods
cannot be killed, and with every defeat Sepithal
became dangerously more powerful. Finally, he had
concocted a plan that would not only dethrone Mota,
but forever imprison her within her own powers,
bringing an end to order as we know.
Sepithal made his assault, and for the first time was
beginning to overpower Mota. The very universe began
to express the shift in the balance powers, and
malevolence was beginning to dominate all of its
inhabitants. Unbeknownst to Sepithal, Mota too had
been learning from their battles. As Sepithal became
more crafty and powerful, Mota adapted.
Sepithal, having weakened Mota significantly, began
crafting a spell, the likes of which had never been
seen. As he cast the spell, to imprison Mota, she used
all of her strength, except that which kept her alive,
to deflect the spell back at Sepithal, and amplify it.
Mota herself allowed time to waver in order to acquire
the strength needed. Never had such force been seen.
The spell ricochet back, and the horrible curse that
Sepithal had unleashed, now had him bound within his
very own power, causing him pain, fear, and torment
that was beyond compare.
In this, the final blow of the battle, a creature was
born. A creature who's beauty and majesty was
unsurpassesed by any in the realm of existence. A
creature who's very essence was that of good and evil,
forming the most perfect balance of powers ever to be
seen, yet malleable to either side in complete
Mota, seeing this, named the creature DevilsAngel. She
knew the power of DevilsAngel, and knew that if
Sepithal were to ever escape from his prison, he would
use her to destroy Mota. In order to ensure that this
never happened, she hid DevilsAngel in the most
distant and remote of the spheres of existence, the
Barren Realms.
She flourished in the Barren Realms, easily climbing
to the higher levels of society. Eventually, they
hailed her as a hero, for helping to rid the world of
countless numbers of monsters and evils that lurked in
these parts of the universe. She had even caught the
attention of the immortals of the day for, having only
been touched by Mota and not yet knowing evil's
caress, she committed innumerable acts of kindness.
Eventually, the Council of Immortals consulted, and
extended DevilsAngel the opportunity to join them in
their chamber for the remainder of time, as one of the
distinguished Immortals. Speechless, she managed to
nod an affirmation, and all of the Barren Realms

Story by Anavrinman
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