February 8th, 2007

This is where you can read the newsletters on the forum. Any replies are fair game to be put in the real thing.
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February 8th, 2007

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Welcome back to the long awaited Barren Realms MUD Newsletter!!
Visit us at our new address: telnet://barren.barrenrealmsmud.com:8000/


News from the Realms:

As you all are aware, last February Kiri abdicated her throne and transferred the crown of power to Scavenger. Since that time, I’m sure a lot of you have felt as if not a lot has been done. I can assure you that things are indeed getting done. This is from Scavenger’s mouth directly:

“We've moved to a different server. For the first time since, oh, sometime in the late 90s, we are no longer on CORE Digital's servers. Instead, we are running on my own colocated server.

This should give us better performance, nightly archived backups, "unlimited" disk space, full control over our environment, and more.

Anyway, the new address of barren.barrenrealmsmud.com 8000 should be working for everyone. If you are using the old barren.coredcs.com address or the old IP address, those will not work.”

I can assure you there are more changes on the way that will both benefit BR and help make it a more enjoyable place to play J Right now it’s just a lot of behind the scenes/man behind the curtain kind of work that has to be done to help the mud run smoother.



Scavenger is moving to a new town! What does this mean for us? It means that he is going to have to move the server first to a temporary location, and then to its permanent home. This DOES affect all of us. There will be two very temporary outages in our near future, the first being in the next five days or so. Neither of them should last more than two hours. So, when you try to log onto BR (both the game itself, and the website) within the next week, and can’t, DON’T PANIC!!!! We’ll be up and running soon :)


Ongoing Quests:

Relo's quest will be ending on Saturday, February 10th by 12am system time. If you had any comments/thoughts on his quest please be sure to let him know! :)



Eden: a total recall area ;)

Highly unlikely. Several of the more “modern” areas have already been removed. (Bluei)

Eden: having the healers cast fly, would make life for newbies alot easier!

Paranoid: it may me better is when the leader of a group recalls, the rest of the group does too, this could be an on/off feature

I foresee bad bad juju as a result of a feature like this……(Bluei)

Paranoid: it would be kinda funny to have a paranoid social, in which the user looks around to make sure there are no authorities around.

So write it! See ‘help writesocial’ on BR to see how. (Bluei)

Disaster: some of the newer areas could use area reviews. What should people do if they feel like writing reviews for areas that don't currently have one?

Excellent idea Dis. Better get writing!!! :D (Bluei)

Paranoid: people should get drunk off of the body parts of drunks

Disaster: lets stop deleting topics from the forums all the time. the whole point of having forums is so that stuff can be put someplace where it won't disappear (especially topics
about quests that are still up and running, like the one currently in HQ)

I think you’ll find that this isn’t so much of a problem anymore as the auto-pruning on these forums has been shut off. Now the biggest issue is actually getting people to post more often *ahem* (Bluei)

Eiza: there should be a social for an ironic or sarcastic smile

Paranoid: there should be a salute social, so I can salute the imms.

Again, if anyone has an idea for a social, please see the ‘help writesocial’ file on BR. It has all the information you will need. (Bluei)

Fault: can you make experience to level in the score and prompt bar have comma seperators?



Count Your Sheep (A cute little Web Comic)


Cute Overload! ;) (This site is wonderfully fuzzy and cute!)


This is either really sweet because of the bonds people share with their pets, or extremely creepy. You decide which…….


An amazing website and ongoing community art project.



Also, we desperately need ideas and submissions for the newsletter. Submit anything you’ve got and I’ll review it for future newsletters! Submissions and ideas can be emailed to: bluestar@barrenrealmsmud.com

~Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.~

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-
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