Hello again

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Hello again

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Hi all. Long time no see for most of you, I haven't played regularly since 2004. Anyway, came back and play around at night leveling again just for kicks. Haven't seen anyone on, just Wolfie whos always afk.

Ran into a bit of a problem though. Playing my demon, Luc, I encountered an issue in the Insect Garden. I think I got knocked down to 1 hp and the game made me out cold. Everything I try to do tells me im stunned and cant do that, but I won't die. Been like that for about a day now. Is there any remedy to fix this? I have tried everything, including leveling a druid up enough to cast a heal on myself but still no good.
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Re: Hello again

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Interesting issue. I assume you've tried letting hunger/thirst kill you? (Well, knock you down under 1 hp, then recover next tick.)

If you can, leave Luc logged in, and I'll swing by in the next day, see why he's stuck.
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