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Haon Dor

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Thanks to Diren's hard work, you'll now find a new Haon Dor connected outside Calathar's west gate. As that's a major connection route, we had to do a bunch of area reshuffling and reconnecting to keep things accessible. The biggest of these is that Arialis Forest is now connected on Haon Dor's north side instead of by the Circus's entrance. It also no longer connects to Western Woods. Other area moves follow:

Mirage Tower (and Lag Central) are now connected along Arialis's west side
The Shire connects to Arialis's north side
Assault, Horror Hills, HTOS, and Western Woods all still connect to Haon Dor, just in revised locations
Underworld now connects directly to Haon Dor
Thieves Forest can now be found connected to Hobgob War Camp, near its boundary with Hunting Grounds
Arachnos is now only accessible via the pathway in Treetops/Canopy
Elizabethan Theater is over in Malathar, along the same path that leads to Les Mis
Camelot and New Ofcol are currently inaccessible - this will be remedied as soon as I can find a good spot for them
Everything that connected to any of these moved areas is still in its usual spot. To list: Galaxy, Wyvern's Tower and Dragon Tower all still connect to Shadow Grove (part of HTOS), and Shar-Quin is still in its usual spot, connected to that farmer's field in The Shire.
Ofcol, Troll Den and Old Marsh (as well as the old Haon Dor) are all still in the game, but are inaccessible and I intend for them to stay that way.
As a warning, Lag Central will be moved again once a suitable spot is chosen for it to reside permanently.

Aod's maps to all these areas are, by necessity, now broken. I have already noticed that Jenny is also slightly broken. I'll be remedying at least the maps in the near future.

Thanks again for your patience as these changes go in, and please do contact me with any concerns, introduced bugs, or questions regarding them.
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